October , 2021 | Retail Career Search

You might be extremely confused if you keep getting turned down by the same prospective employer. Sometimes, it's just an issue of chance and high competition. Other times, there might be a legitimate reason for multiple rejections. Consider these reasons the next time you miss out on a job opportunity more than three times:

You're not Rehireable

You may not be rehireable if you keep receiving rejections from an employer you worked for previously. The reason may not be because of anything unscrupulous on your part. They may have chosen to bar you from future employment because you did not give them two weeks' notice. Many employers feel strongly about such notices, and they will mark a person as non-rehireable if that person does not provide them with that time. You can call the headquarters to find out more about your situation.

You're Overly Qualified

You may have a skill set or certain experience that goes beyond the position they're offering. They may feel that you will be unhappy with the pay rate or job tasks and choose not to move you forward in the process.

An Intangible Reason Exists

Sometimes, intangible reasons exist as to why an employer rejects a job applicant. These are reasons that may or may not be against federal regulations. In that case, the employer most likely won't tell you why they won't hire you. You'll simply get a notice that they moved forward with a more suitable candidate.

Sometimes, certain things just aren't meant to be. The chances are high that one of the above reasons caused the rejection if it happens shortly after submitting your application. Don't take it to heart if a prospective employer keeps rejecting you. Continue your search and proceed with a different company. It might work out better for you in the end.

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