February , 2019 | Retail Career Search

If you’ve been let go for any reason—fired or laid off—don’t give up hope for being hired again. It may not seem like it now, but there’s often a good chance you can get back in with the same company.

Leave With Grace

Don’t complain about the company when you’re let go. Instead, express your regret at being let go. Reiterate how much you’ve enjoyed working for the company and let them know you’d be interested in working there again, circumstances permitting.

Look For a Merger

Often, companies let employees go when they’re under financial duress. Keep your eyes and ears open for signs that the company is merging with another company. If that happens, they’ll have an influx of money and could be looking to hire back former employees.

Take Steps to Correct Shortcomings

If you were fired from your job, you’ll need to do some work to prove you’re worthy of being hired back. Depending on the circumstances of your behavior, take some courses to correct the shortcomings. For instance, if you had anger issues, enroll in anger management courses. If you had addiction problems, attend a rehab facility. After you’ve corrected the shortcomings, politely ask if you can be given a second chance at your old job.

Ask About a Transfer

When you’re in the office being let go, ask if there’s a chance at a transfer instead of being let go entirely. Often, if your job is redundant at that location, they may be able to offer you something in a satellite office or another division.

Maintain Relationships

Keep in touch with your old coworkers. They’ll be the first to learn of any new openings that haven’t been advertised yet.

These tips may just help you get back a good job with a company that’s laid you off or fired you.

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