September , 2020 | Retail Career Search

The pandemic has changed a lot of people's lives. It has also changed the way a lot of businesses operate. As an employee, you're going to need special skills to get through this time with your job intact. You will need to have the following skills and qualities.


Patience is something that you're going to need more than anything else to survive the pandemic while you are working. You're going to have to deal with job role changes, new policies, and perhaps impatient customers and coworkers. You'll have to find the strength to be patient through all of that and still try to perform your job to the highest standards possible.


Compassion is something that you'll always need with or without a pandemic. However, you'll have to kick it up a notch during this trying time. You will have to learn to be accepting and understanding of your colleagues and their challenges. You will have to be understanding of the customers, their fears, their frustration, and their demands. It takes a special kind of person to persevere in the face of a crisis. Your bosses will appreciate you greatly if you can find a way to demonstrate compassion.


Finally, you are going to have to develop resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to challenging situations. It's the strength to return to your job every day even though you know there will be some level of stress. It is the gift of being able to smile despite what's going on around you. If you can develop this quality, you will be highly valuable to your employer for a long time.

The workforce is changing quickly and drastically, but that doesn't mean that you still can't succeed. Find ways to develop and nurture the qualities listed above. Your community and your employer will appreciate you for it.

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