December , 2018 | Retail Career Search

When you’re looking for a new job, be careful about setting rigid salary parameters. Although you should certainly be paid what you deserve for your education, skills and experience, fringe benefits have intrinsic value, too. The value might not be directly financial, but they can translate into time and money savings for you and your family.

Gym Membership

As an incentive to stay in shape (and thereby cut insurance costs for the company), many companies subsidize employee gym memberships in whole or part. Since you wouldn’t have to pay for your own gym fees, this is a direct savings.


Large corporations are starting to add on-site childcare services for employees. Considering that many parents struggle to pay for childcare, this is a huge fringe benefit that needs to be factored into your job choice. Another side benefit is not having to spend time and gas going to and from a separate child care center.

Free Lunch

Legally, employers are required to give employees a break during the day for lunch. But many companies encourage in-office lunch breaks by providing free lunches. They may hope by doing so that employees will work through lunch breaks if they get free sandwiches, fruit or pizza. Factor in the cost of your weekday lunches and see if this fringe benefit holds value for you.

Parking Validation

Over time, parking fees can add up, leading many employees to opt for public transportation. But then the commute time is usually longer. It may seem like a small thing at first, but if you work in a city, getting free parking validation is a very nice fringe benefit.

Keep all fringe benefits in mind when deciding which job you’re going to take. Salary is important, but the side benefits count as well.

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