July , 2020 | Retail Career Search

 Before you ever get an interview, you need to prove to potential employers that you have the skills they’re looking for. Your resume has to do the speaking for you. But how exactly do you prove expertise on your resume?

List Awards and Certifications

Employers trust official recognition, even more than they trust their own abilities to judge expertise. If you’ve won any kind of award or certification—even if they aren’t from an official oversight organization—make sure you list it on your resume. It could be something as small as being named “Employee of the Month” or a certificate of completion from an online course. List all your awards and certifications in a special section on your resume with the header, “Awards and Certifications” in bold.

Highlight Promotions

Have you ever been promoted in the past? Most people have been promoted in some way, even if the promotion didn’t come with a new title or pay raise. It really doesn’t matter what kind of promotion it was; you can make it seem more meaningful on your resume. Make sure that you write in bold, “promoted,” along with the details of that promotion.

Make a Special Skills Section

Don’t just expect a potential employer to find all the skills hidden between the lines of your resume. Instead, make a “Specialized Skills” section, where you list all your proficiencies. List as many things as you can, even if there’s no official title for your specialized skill. For example, if you’re proficient in CSS, you’d write something like “CSS Coding Expert.” It doesn’t matter that there’s no such thing. It proves your expertise in this area on your resume.

It’s very important that you prove your proficiencies on your resume. Employers will prioritize hiring an expert over a novice. Use these tips and sit back and wait for that interview call!


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