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If you are a new employee, you most likely want to do everything perfectly so that you leave a good impression on your boss. However, an unexpected illness can occur during your probationary period. This is especially common during these unprecedented times. The following are some tips on how you can handle yourself if it happens to you:

Do not Go to Work Sick

You probably want to impress your new boss, but please do not go to work sick. Symptoms such as fever, sore throat, coughing, and sneezing could indicate that you have a contagious illness. Your employers will be more impressed that you cared enough not to expose others to a possible illness than they will if you come to work sick.

Contact Your Employer Immediately

You should notify your employer the moment you realize that you are ill. You'll want to allow your employer the opportunity to find coverage for your shift. Keep them informed of the steps you're taking to get better from your illness and follow all the appropriate callout procedures the employer establishes in the manual.

Seek Medical Attention

You also need to seek medical attention right away. You'll want to have a doctor examine you and administer testing so that you know whether you have a serious illness or not. Take all of your prescribed medication if it's found that you have an illness, and return to work when you're feeling better.

Document Your Care Steps

Ensure that you hold onto any paperwork that you receive from your doctors and caregivers. You may need to show the information to your employer to prove that your illness is valid, and you're taking care of yourself.

Your employer should understand if you take the appropriate steps and should not hold it against you if you become ill during your probationary period. They have the right to keep you or terminate your employment. However, in most cases, they will overlook a legitimate illness.

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