July 25, 2017 | Retail Career Search

In today's job market, it is significant for a job seeker to know what job they want to find, where to find it and what time is best to get the career of your dream of to a good start. Job searches have changed over the last half a decade; consequently, finding yourself in a field you never thought to be is a reality. In order for you to avoid such predicament, there is need to follow some simple tips as expressed below.

Know Yourself

There is no chance for you to find what you want as a job seeker if you do not know who you are; meaning, what are your career objectives as well as goals, what is your strength, what makes you enjoy being employed. Many times you hear an individual complain about being stuck at work, or nor getting the best out of life because of work is because such a person never knew themselves in the first place before applying for a job.

Make sure your application package is both professional

Most advice you all be given in reference to how your application package should be is based on professionalism. However, that is never expounded, until now. Your resume must be well articulated and organized in a manner your potential employer can swiftly identify why you are unique from other candidates. Your cover letter should give the employer a reason why to offer you with an interview as well as why you are the best bet from the rest. Your portfolio is a crucial tool for job searching in the current human resources market and it should be to display your proficiencies in previous positions held before the interview. Get LinkedIn, considering 95% of today’s HR recruiters use this digital platform to scout.

Establish yourself as a brand

As a job seeker know that you are a brand and should be presented as such in person, social media as well as through a personal website. The job market is all about impression make sure u give the best image possible.

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