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When you're in a job interview, your interviewer may ask you to delve into your history with a former employer. This is a sensitive matter that you will have to handle appropriately so that you don't miss your opportunity to get an amazing new job. These are some tips for handling that question if it ever comes up in an interview:

Take a Minute to Think

It's better for you to take a minute to answer a question than it is for you to say something offensive right away. It's acceptable to ask your interviewer to give you just a minute to think about your experiences in general. Use this brief moment to develop an appropriate response.

Avoid Saying Anything Negative

You will need to avoid saying anything negative about your former employer. Sometimes, prospective employers ask difficult questions such as this because they want to gauge your loyalty level. They also want to see if you can speak about a former employer tactfully. Your interviewer will pay close attention to the response you give. If you say something negative about your former employer, then you might say something negative about this one, as well. That's the way the prospective employer is going to view your response.

Think of a Way to Turn a Negative Into a Positive

This part of the process will require you to use your persuasive and creative talents. Think about the negative words you want to say about the employment experience and turn it into something positive. For example, perhaps you worked with a lot of people who were gossips and instigators. You could say that it was challenging at times for you to concentrate on your job with so many other hardworking, charismatic personalities around you. You can then follow that statement up by saying that the experience helped strengthen your ability to focus and prioritize.

Answering interview questions is all about being creative and positive. No question will be too difficult for you to answer if you use that philosophy.

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