October , 2019 | Retail Career Search

Being a single mum is tough. Trying to find a job that will accommodate your single mum status is even tougher. Here are a few jobs that women have reported to work well with their single mum lifestyle. 

Day Care Worker

Working in a day care center has many perks for the single mum. Many day care facilities offer discounts for day care service to their employees. This can be very helpful if you suddenly find yourself in need of an income, but also wondering who will take care of your kids while you work. The added bonus is that you still get to be close to your children while you work. 

Social Media Manager

Social media managers often enjoy very flexible hours and remote work options. These professionals help companies manage their online channels through sharing content, answering messages, and coming up with new content that is relevant to the brand. Individuals with a marketing background are great for this role. 

Customer Service Reps

Customer service allows for very flexible working arrangements. Many companies such as Amazon, even offer these positions in a work from home scenario. Customer service is a very far reaching profession. Pretty much every company you can think of needs customer service representatives. A customer service rep needs great communication skills as well as a willingness to help others through their customer related issues. There are many work from home options for customer service reps which works great with your single mum lifestyle. You can earn an income while still taking care of your children. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little research and creativity, single mums can find great jobs while also being great mothers. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. 

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