April , 2018 | Retail Career Search
  1. Truck Driver Truck drivers spend the majority of their lives on the road. As a truck driver, you would spend your days navigating highways and byways, all by yourself. You’ll need to go to truck driving school to earn your certificate. Many truck driving schools offer job placement opportunities, and drivers are always in high demand.

  2. School Bus Driver If you like to drive and you like children, you might enjoy being a school bus driver. This would be a part-time job, since you’d primarily be picking kids up in the morning and dropping them home in the afternoon. There might also be the occasional field trip driving, as well.

  3. Delivery Driver As a delivery driver, you’d deliver packages to homes and businesses. You might work for a company like UPS or FedEx, driving their trucks. Or, you might work as an independent contractor, working for a company like Amazon, or a local florist shop. Either way, you’ll get to spend all day, everyday, behind the wheel.

  4. Passenger Driver If you enjoy having people in your vehicle as you drive, or you simply don’t relish being alone all day, consider taking a job as an Uber driver. Uber drivers use their own vehicles, but you can pick and choose which days and hours you wish to work.

  5. Forklift Operator If you like driving, but prefer an indoor working environment, you might like training and working as a forklift operator. This type of driving is highly precision-oriented, as you’ll be driving in tight areas, and maneuvering heavy machinery.

These five jobs are perfect for people who love to drive. As you can see, there's no reason you can't incorporate your favorite activity into a money-making job.

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